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I need to mount a 20 inch diameter by 5/8 thick G10/FR4 disk,,
(this is a high impact,fire retardent,high Rockwell hardness product)

I need to mount this to a 3/4 HP electric motor with a 3/4" diameter

When rotating this will be a 10 element ,1/2 diameter pure tungsten
electrode spark gap.

My Problem:
Mounting the G10 to the shaft,,I have looked at hundreds
of pulleys,,faceplates,,mandrells,untill I no longer know what to
search for.

When all is assembeled it will be dynamically ballanced of course, I
can do this myself,,,I am begining to think a machine shop will be my
only hope
for building this (faceplate?) assembly.

I was hopeing someone might know of a ready made 8-9"diameter
disk with a 3/4" center hole, that I could purchase,

Re: Help from someone smarter than me

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My suggestion:-

I assume you are going to fabricate your own 20" x 5/8" FR4 disc.

To attach the disc to the 3/4" (keyed ?) motor shaft you will require
a suitable flange eg. ABSSAC Sure-Flex type J flange as in their
catalog (page 63)

This will need to be bolted to the FR4 disc and balanced.

I suggest you contact them and find out who their agents/distributors
are in your part of the world..

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