looking for someone to design a couple of pcb's for me.

Hi. i have 2 small projects i am working on, and i need someone who can design a pair of pcb's for me. Can't afford to pay much, so i'm looking for someone who wants the challenge and my eternal thanks.

If you have the expertise and some spare cycles, please email me at the snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com

Here's a quick description of the two projects:

1) need to randomly flash one of 20 lamps. The current bulbs are 12v but i could go with 6v led's to make it easier on the system.

2) emulate a "roto target" from a 1965 Gottlieb "Buckaroo" pinball machine. This is a blade with 15 target faces on it. The numbers 1-7 repeated twice, except the number 4 which is only represented once. The roto presents 2 targets a time to the player. it canbe spun, which presents 2 new random pairs of numbers. In the new pcb, i like to use led displays to show the numbers. i can provide more details, this is just to get you interested. :-)


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1. Why not provide the details here?

2. Are you just looking for PCB layout or do you need some circuit
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John Fields

Look in your phone book for a community college. Nerds abound there.

People with limited skillsets have been getting things done since long before money existed.

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Apparently, you have enough money to buy hallucinogens.

Why is it do difficult for people to create accurate Subject Lines? Your Subject line and opening line seem to indicate that you need only a PCB layout.

The word *project* should have appeared in the 2 places I noted to denote an end-to-end effort.

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"TheChurchoftheSilverBall" wrote in message news: snipped-for-privacy@i76g2000hsf.googlegroups.com...

Definately more than a PCB unless you intend to supply the schematic and physical outline of the board. #1 seems straightforward enough although there are few truly random event generators but pseudo random will do here.

12V is more costly because you need lamp holders , larger transistors and larger power supply. LEDs can often be driven directly from an IC output pin but if you want bright, thats another separate requirement.

#2 sounds more like a machine shop / sheet metal , PCB construction. I can't really even picture it.

In any case, #1 would take at least 10 man hours and #2 probably 30. If it were just creating a PCB from detailed sketches you provide than thats jusy drawing it on the software which takes a couple hours per small design. Its not just connecting the wires but in most cases, the PCB outline and certain components need to be created in a library first, that also takes time.

I don't think anyone would commit to pro bono design work for an unspecified pay. Besides a usenet group is a poor place to solicit work. Try craigslist.org

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