New TV Descramblers have Arrived!!!!

Get Over 600 Digital Television Stations (everything!) Over 200 Digital Radio Stations (all categories) Over 40 Pay-Per-View Movies FREE! HBO/Cinemax/Showtime/Starz, etc. FREE! Seven XXX-Adult Channels FREE! Boxing/Football/Soccer/Baseball/Basketball - ALL Sports Packages FREE! Receive Home-Town Local Stations from 4 Time Zones No Monthly Subscription Charges! No Service Contracts of ANY Sort! Use this New Device at Home/Office/Truck/RV etc Works In the USA, Canada and Mexico- plus ALL of North and South America


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************************************************* View Oscar de lay Hoya on TV - FREE!!!

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"Whatcha gonna do when they come for you... Bad Boy... Bad Boy".

Realize that serious jail time and fines are being handed out for this type of "theft of services", both to buyers and the sellers!

Contrary to popular belief, users of these illegal devices are not difficult to track down and prosecute using today's technology.

Harry C.

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Harry Conover

Works in all of North America *plus* USA, Canada and Mexico?! Cool! Didn't know those three countries had opted out - learnt something today.....


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Ken Taylor

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