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I recently got a new Panasonic 5.8 GHz phone. One thing I have noticed is that it charges very quickly. Upon completion, it says "Charging completed" on the display screen.

Can I just leave the handset on the base unit or should I take the handset off? I'd prefer to leave it on the unit, but I have heard it is not good for the battery if the handset is continually on the base unit. Ther manual doesn't mention anything about it.

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It should be perfectly ok to leave the handset on the base unit. Most new chargers stop charging after the charge cycle (no trickle) so there's no difference in that sense between leaving the handset on the base or taking it off.



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My 2.4gHz(don't laugh) KX-TG2343, bought it last year, says specifically in the instructions to leave it on wall unit/base as much as possible when not in use. They state no damage will result from this. But common sense will tell you that a few hours by the pool or out on the balcony won't hurt it.


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When cordless phones were first invented the makers thought people would leave them lying around the house - but instead they found that most people were storing the phone on the base station to avoid having to hunt for it. This meant that the cells in early phones were frequently overcharged and manufacturers had to re-design their chargers. These days manufacturers know how their products are used and the chargers are better.

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