Key FOB, Assume has Active RF ID


I have a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

To open the car door (locked), I simply grab the handle and the door unlocks then opens with the Key FOB in my pocket.

The Key FOB has buttons that include Unlock. If I press this button, the Key FOB would transmit a coded signal in UHF band to the Jeep.

I assume because I am NOT pressing any buttons, my Jeep transmits a signal (perhaps in short bursts) and my Key FOB responds by indicating it's presence?

Can someone clarify this?

Thank You in advance, John

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What does the owner's manual say? I just had to replace the keypad for my 2016 Grand Caravan because it was acting weird. The first thing that it did was to start opening the right side sliding door, without touching the fobik. The metal disks inside had started to become detached. I found just the replacement keypad, but for some you have to buy the entire case to get the keypad. They are usually under $10.

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Michael Terrell

I believe my Vauxhall (~2003) has a RFID. If the car is opened with the key-in-lock that does not disarm the alarm. But starting the car with the key does so via RFID. But I'm afraid I cannot be bothered to verify with the manual!

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Mike Coon

Don't worry, they have changed quite a bit since 2003.

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Michael Terrell

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