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My name is James Wilson and I am a student at Hawarden High school. I am currently studying systems and control and am writing to you in request of aid. My task is to design and make a contestant station for a board game. I have carried out a questionnaire, which has suggested that board games and quizzes would benefit from this product. I would like the product to support 2 to 3 separate teams each with there own panel and a button to press to indicate to the questioner they think they know the answer. I am unsure of many factors and this is where I politely request assistance. I would be very grateful if you could find the time to supply me with any information on the following;

I. The features my contestant station should include (output).

II. Whether a questioner will require a panel, what might it include?

III. How many teams should the product support?

IV. Is styling important? Which styles are most successful? Is gender important?

V. Should my product be battery or mains powered? Is this important?

Thanks again for any help provided!

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