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I have a Seiko clock that shows the time in many different places. The current battery is rather old and the time displays do not show all the parts of the digits. I don't need this clock and would like to sell it, but can't say that it's 100%. Would a weak battery affect the display as I noted?

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it's certainly possible.

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Jasen Betts

Hard to say for sure, but it might. As a ferinstance, bum computer motherboard batteries (Not talking laptop primary batteries - I mean the lithium battery that powers the PRAM/realtime clock, etc) can cause a number of computer troubles. I can't see why a clock display would be immune to effects of "them ol' low-battery blues".

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Don Bruder

Is there some reason why you can't simply change the battery to find out?

I have a combined LCD clock/thermometer. The clock digits always start fading before the temp digits when the battery runs down.

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Jeff Layman

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