could anyone help me with building a circuit

guys i know very little about electronics.but I have a 6volt toy motor made by solorbots (gm7) I need a circuit to drive this motor in forwar for about 2 seconds,the stop(or turn off)for abou

4seconds,then drive in reverse for about 2 seconds then stop(or turn off)for about 4 seconds.a keep repeating cycle.A forward an reversing motio with time delays.i will pay for your time an supplies. ASAP CONTAC INFO 504-343-2408 GERALL or thank
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Hi jbbaby,

The way i see it, you have one of two options here. You can either go discrete circuits which involves putting together some logic IC's OR program a microcontroller with a circuit to drive the DC motor. The microcontroller option is probably the easier of the two but does involve some know-how to get something like this working. May i suggest that you take a look at

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to get things started. There is alot of information about DC motors and circuits here. Also, if you can able to purchase from the following website:
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then i suggest you go this route since they make programming microcontrollers very simple. In fact, i would be prepared to write the program for you (will take less than 2 minutes), email it to you and then you can just put it on the microcontroller...

Hope this helps JSA

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