xilinx nallatech v4 extreme dsp development boards

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has anyone used any of the extreme dsp development or evaluation boards
which use the v4 sx35 (i think)
how are the interfacing tools ? drivers (linux/windows)? detailed
schematics? Reference designs?

thanks for your help

Geoffrey Wall
Masters Student in Electrical/Computer Engineering
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Re: xilinx nallatech v4 extreme dsp development boards
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The boards are great, we got a few of them as well as from the previous
versions. We have chosen for the Extreme DSP kit, because it's really
plug and play. You don't need to develop a PCI controller and driver
before doing experiments with your own application. It's a piece of cake
making a programmers interface from an application running on the PC
controlling the card over USB or over PCI.

I haven't seen schematics, but I didn't need them as the user manual
provide enough information. The manuals, reference designs, driver,
Software an the Nallatech support are of a high quality level.

The dissatisfiers are: the slow response to single writes over USB, the
slow configuration over USB (it takes about 2 minutes to program the
SX35 .... amazing). Further I don't like the cooler that is mounted on
the SX35. The chip is "cool" but practical it isn't. The pricing could
also be somewhat better. Further, Nallatech has an own philosophy about
providing Software/drivers updates etc. You need password to retrieve
the information from their website.


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