Where to get informations about Virtex 4 FX Engineering Samples


I just asked my distributor for availiable Xilinx XC4VFX devices and found an XC4VFX20-10FF672CES2.

Since I guess that ES means "Engineering sample", I was looking for informations about its limitations compared to the final device. But unluckily I failed.

Maybe someone can give me a hint where to get these informations?

Since I was inititally looking for a XC4VFX40, I figured out that this is not available currently. Is this right? Does someone know when this device gets available?

Thank you very much, Peter

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Peter Rauschert
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Talk more to your disti, they should be able to get you shipping date (we did) for FX40 (no ES), another thing if you will happy with that. As of today all FX parts that may be available are ES. Again pressure your disti, Xilinx may be able to ship the parts you need, even if they dont show as available by the disti-first look


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Antti Lukats

Hi Antti!

I just checked the website of AVNET for availability. Guess its a good thing to call them.

Do you have informations concerning the special properties of the Virtex 4 Engineering Samples?


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Peter Rauschert

Hi Peter,

check the page with errata on xilinx-website :

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Best regards, Bart

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you guess wrong... The WEB data is meant for people who will only ever want one. It doesn't consider the company or the business case.



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Simon Peacock


Best to contact your Xilinx FAE for your area. They will be happy to share the errata sheet with you for the device in question.

First try here:

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Aust> Hi Antti!

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Austin Lesea

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