Devices I'd like to see

A wish list of parts:

An op-amp with the equivelent of the 2SK170 as the input transistor would be nice.

I'd like a low drop out regulator that can withstand 60V. 600V would be even better.

Further on the subject of the above regulator: It would be nice if the same part did 5V, 3.6V, 3.3 and 3.0V just by changing how you hooked up some pins. It should also be good enough that it can be used as a reference.

A modestly large PAL that was as easy to program as the ICT7540, had the power drain of a 22CV10Z, had strong output drivers and allowed the outputs to be pulled above Vcc would be handy.

While we're thinking about PALs how about one with a built in power MOSFET or LED driver.

The next time I design in a 7 segment LED display, I want it to be more than about 2mcd per segment.

A micro controller with a built in regulator would be handy.

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