DIY PCIe Card interfacing older PCI based IC's


I am interested in building a unmux'd multi-channel PCIe Video Capture card. While two channel cards are commercially available, I really need a 8 to 16 port card for the research I am looking into. I have considered using Bt848, Bt849, Bt878 or Bt879 based video capture IC's which are PCI, not PCIe based. I have read extensively about PCI/PCIe protocols, driver source code (thanks Linux) and understand the basics of such timing and interfacing methodology.

Some FPGA manufactures say their FPGA based PCIe interfaces can simpify and handle the interfacing of older PCI chips directly, so is this option really worth consideration over designing and building the same pipelined functionality within a FPGA circuit?


1> What are the pros/cons of doing this such interfacing (from experienced people please)?

2> It it better to not using such old IC's and consider building a pipelined functional model within a FPGA circuit?

3> Anyone know of good links covering the above?

Whilst I have limited experience in FPGA programming and I certainly have NO experience in developing a PCIe interfaces, I am asking what I need to cover and what you would do in this endeavour.

Thanks in advance. Grahame

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Keep looking for a commercial product or a consultant to design it for you. You've got a big chunk of work there, years' worth IMHO if you're by yourself.

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You won't need an FPGA but a PCIe to PCI bridge chip from PLX.

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