Triscend Fastchip software under Windows XP?

Hi there,

Has anyone managed to get Triscend's FastChip software working with visionClick 7.6 under Windows XP? I've used the tools previously under Windows 2000 (a year or so ago) but have been forced to use a new machine with Windows XP installed, and I can't get things to work.

I have an A7 Evalution Board, and I'm confident that it works, as setting it up in visionClick I can communicate with the board and the parallel port tester works fine too.

I tried FastChip 2.6, but the download manager software there said it couldn't connect to the board. Thus I regressed to 2.1.2, which is what I had working previously and have the CDs for, and the FastChip Download Manager software there doesn't download to the board, just sitting there at 0%. More curious is that it doesn't complain it can't find the board, which is what it is meant to do it things are ill.

I've gone through the instructions several times, and I can't see what I'm doing wrong. I dare say it's something daft on my behalf, but I thought I'd see of anyone else has had similar problems.

Dr Michael Dales -- email: -- tel: +44 141 330 6297
Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ.
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