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I just found this pretty neat site that is giving away free stuff, such as the 1GB of Corsair XMX Xtreme Memory, a bundle including; an Ati Radeon 9800 PRO, 512MB of PC3200 DDR RAM, and a 180GB hard drive. There is also the option to get the brand new ATI Radeon x800 PRO video card, or a cash option. The best offer has to be the Compaq Presario laptop though, it looks pretty cool.

It is completely legitimate, and thousands of people have received their products from the free sites so far.

All you need to do is copy the following link into your browser, and follow the simple instructions as you go!

Here is my link:

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You might want to delete "ref=17052" part in the link before you post the spam here.

vax, 9000

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vax, 9000

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