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I want to synthesize my VHDL code targeting an ASIC design, and I want to do this using as primitive elements only NAND gates and d-flip- flops.

So, basically what I think I have to do is either build a new library for the synthesizer containing only what I want to use, or use an existing library excluding all the "building-blocks" I don't want. I should make clear that I am only interested in getting an RTL schematic of my synthesized-design, and not getting any back- annotation information.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?

I am using Mentor Graphics tools (Leonardo, Precision) but if someone can suggest a solution even with Cadence tools (or even the rtl- schematic viewer of xilinx-ISE) it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

George (mail: giorgos.puiklis aat )

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Almost all synthesis tools have commands like set_dont_utilize or set_dont_use. You can set all the cells you don't want to don't use and do your synthesis. But I think you will find it difficult to convince most synthesizer without an inverter. They don't like making their inverters from nands so you need to add inverters and change them back to nands manually/scriptually (?) later.

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If you're targeting an ASIC, use the ASIC synthesis tools. You'll get different synthesis results for the same code from XST, Quartus, Synplify, Synopsys, Mentor, Cadence.... I don't believe the results you get from an FPGA tool will give you a strong correspondence to your ASIC synthesis results.

Good luck with your efforts,

- John_H

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You are contradicting yourself. The RTL level description usually is technology independant. Mapping to your nand only library will be performed in a later step called "techology mapping". (First there are likely to be a few other technology indpendant optimization.) The result will be a gate level netlist.

Many technolgy mappers start with a representation that only consists of nand gates, inverters and DFFs. If you find a way of telling your tool to output that netlist you are done.

Or use SIS:

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Kolja Sulimma

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