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does anyone have an answer to the following two issues on using leonardo:

  1. How can I see the exact functionality of the the cells Leonardo produces in its RTL Schematic, after reading my input HDL files? e.g. After synthesizing my code I get an RTL schematic with some cells (that look like multiplexers) and that only give me the info that they are instances of an "select_3_3" entity from the library "OPERATORS", but I can't really tell what they do or find this library.

  1. When I use the VHDL "block" statement, the synthesizer appears to completely neglect (in its RTL schematic) the blocks I asked for. It creates the same schematic it did before I entered the block- statements. Is there a way to make the synthesizer take into account block-statements?

Thank you in advance guys!


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These are just place holders for blocks of logic. After place and route, they won't be recognizable. Functionality is determined by your source code, not synthesis.

The vhdl block statement is just a language scope limiter. If I wanted a structural block I would make a separate entity.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

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