Spartan-3E based board available now? or is Memec advertizing vaporware ?

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as of Xfest2005 special Memec is offering S3 based development boards at
special price $295 to our best knowledge S3E are not yet available, so how
come its possible to get S3E based board at the Xtest? the first xfest is
scheduled 26 April, does memec really have S3e based boards ready to ship by
then or is business as usual, shipment 4 to 6 months after order? I am
really confused, all our inquires have gotten the same result, NO S3E
available until end of the year. And now S3E boards announced? I guess Memec
will just take orders and ship whenever they get the chips. What means that
there is no reason to order from Memec as better boards may be announced
before Memec is actually shipping any S3E based board.

Similar story was with V4, I ordered the very first announced 'orderable' V4
kit (from Avnet) but before that kit was shipped a lot of more better value
V4 kits did become available. So I would wait with S3E order from Memec,
specially the price wonders me, the S3E kit special is $295, while normal
price is $885 !!!! 900 box for the eval board for the lowest cost FPGA
ever?? Good way to go Memec!!

Ok the price I figured out, memec is not selling the board, but is selling
the board and ISE-baseX so at xfest they drop baseX price, that is the board
is not actually at special price at all, you just get ISE baseX as bonus.

haha,  I checked Memec prices
S3E kit alone 99 USD
S3E kit + ise BaseX 695 USD

orders can be placed now!
but... beware in the memec reference design centre there are no docs on the
S3E boards yet, and I am guessing memec can not ship immediatly any S3E
boards, but at $99 price it makes sense to place order of course!
and yes on the Product brief of the S3E board the marking on the S3E chip is
not readable at all, even though I think it might be readable at the given
JPEG resolution, so either the chip is 'blurred' or the JPEG compression
ratio was choosen so that the marking is not readable.

poor guys who order the board of $99 value Xfest special for $295 !! (I mean
those who do not need BaseX otherwise the deal would be ok)


Re: Spartan-3E based board available now? or is Memec advertizing vaporware ?
They can supply them for the same reason Xilinx can supply them in July.
Their is production versions.. and there are pre-release versions.
I am actually on the Xilinx list.. their board costs only a fraction more
and does a lot more (with a bigger FPGA too)

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Re: Spartan-3E based board available now? or is Memec advertizing vaporware ?
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oh yes I can belive that! I mean that the Xilinx board is better and just
little more expensive.
well avnet similar to memec board is only $69 for that price, oh well its
not available as well.
until august I guess.

did you mean the pre-production silicon of S3E is available now?
I wonder why then both memec and avnet are using such image resolution
that the Spartan3e can not be read from the S3E board photos.

still having photos of eval kits with chips on it, and knowing that those
boards will not be shipped before august, it is not fair. Both avnet
and memec have 'order now' buttons on the S3E boards.


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