Rocket IO alignment, clocks

Hi all,

We are using Rocket IO on Virtex 2 pro and we are facing some problems.

1- What is the user frequency clock ? TXUSRCLK or TXUSRCLK2 ? We want to use in half mode rate, REFCLK = 75 MHz, TXUSRCLK = 37,5 MHz and TXUSERCLK2=75 MHz.

2- The output of the RIO seems to be TXUSERCLK (RECVRXCLK).

It is working in parallel bypass mode but not in serial bypass.

So, if the user clock is TXUSRCLK2 then we can only send 1.7 Gbps at the input od the RIO and have 3.2 GHz in serial link.

We bypass the 8B/10B encoder/decoder and we don't disable the Comma alignment.


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