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I'm currently preparing a design for a V4 sx55, of course it shall do a lot of signal processing. Against this background I estimate the resources needed. The FIR compiler provides the number of DSP-Slices and BRAMs, furthermore I use grep across the vhdl simulation model to count the number of FDs. Here I'm surprised that my filter shall need 1300 FD/FDR/FDSE/... Because I have to implement tens of filters it wouldn't fit. Does the number of FD* instances within the simulation file fit the number of real used FDs? I fear it:-(. If not, how can I obtain the real number of used Slices/FDs?

Bye Tom

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Thomas Reinemann
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Hi Tom, I fear it too! Do you realise that you can trade off size against sample rate in an FPGA? You could search for "distributed arithmetic" for more information. HTH, Syms.

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If your sample rate is several times slower than the acheivable clock rat of the FPGA, you can time-multiplex the multipliers.

If you are running out of flip-flops (registers) that is a more seriou matter. You need to come up with a less register-intensive implementation I suspect that the generated code is not very efficient, and you may hav to do it "by hand".

I had similar problems with an Altera part. Only took me about 3 months t design something that fitted. ;-)

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