Re: VHDL & OV6620 CMOS camera

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ahem, no, it's just that (I quote the website)

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(NDA = Non Disclosure Agreement, a confidentiality
contract agreeing that you won't give away any technical
information without the vendor's permission).

On the other hand, there is a full data sheet for the
OV6630 part on the web site.

If you got the sample device legitimately, how about
contacting them, signing the NDA and getting the data
that way?

Hint:  If anyone else HAS the data, they've signed the
NDA already and therefore they would be breaking their
contract with Omnivision by telling you about it.

Jonathan Bromley, Consultant

DOULOS - Developing Design Know-how
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Re: VHDL & OV6620 CMOS camera

i have in fact buy a CMUCam with the C3088 board.
the C3088 is a little PCB with the OV6620 chip.
so i hav elegaly buy a OV6620 !..

but Omnivision nevre answer my question.
i have the datasheet for the camera .. but my english is not perfect, and i
have no logic analyser.
i have some doubt about the right code between the camera and my FPGA ..

so i ask for help !..

the group is here for help every one .. if i can have help dirctly from
Omnivision, i don't ask here ..
but unlucky.. never answer

if anyone can help me .. thank's


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