Re: Dynamic partial reconfiguration on Spartan 3 chips

yes i am in need of DPR on spartan 3,Can you help?

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I have been wanting DPR for a long time. I don't know if Xilinx supports DPR at all any more, but I remember quite some years back they dropped support for this on the Spartan devices.

From what I could tell the task is actually not an easy one for the software developers and the true demand for it was limited. I believe the only real support Xilinx ever gave to this was for very large customers with whom they would provide a Xilinx expert to help you with your work.

Personally I think DPR has some real potential as it would open up markets that otherwise are not feasible. But I have to assume Xilinx has a handle on their real market, and even perhaps to a lesser degree, their potential markets.

So instead of being able to craft modules which would fit into an FPGA in the same way that USB devices are plugged into a PC, every FPGA design has to be hand crafted with all the pieces molded at the same time.


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