Create and Import Peripheral in EDK

Hello everybody,

I am trying to interface my user logic ip_inv through the OPB in EDK using a register like this:

the c code in my test_application to access the ipcore is :

IP_INV_mWriteReg(0x00000010, 0, read_val); read_val2=IP_INV_mReadReg(0x00000010, 0);

My user logic is just a not operation. How do we make sure that the value is written from the IPIF register into the user logic and then back to the IPIF register ? I am expecting a inverted value in "read_value2" but I am getting the same value as "read_value".

Thanks, KOustav

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why don`t you implement a sum operator?. It is simplest and it provides you that information.

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