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Hi I am using System ACE module from Insight with Virtex 2 pro board. Of all the things i am facing a very trivial but more complicated situation. In order to make the files stored in flash card readable by system ace module, it need to be formattted by win 98 not by win 2000 or XP( as xilinx said formatting done by dos on win 2000 and xp has problems ).Now that, i want some utility that can help me to format by flash card with an option to change the sector size, since win 98 doesnt have an option to change the sector size. I searched for some on the web but couldnt find one, and this raises me a question of what does insight and xilinx had in mind when they come up with such a product that can be formatted only by win 98(which is obselete )and not support customers with any formatting utility,since i had already spent a lot of time on this issue in consulting with xilixn hotline and my fae.

Any help on guiding me to find the formatting utility would be appreciated. Thanx for your effort and time. Thank you Regards Ram nathan

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I've "formatted" CompactFlash disks that satisfy SystemACE using mkfs.msdos under Linux.

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I've been successful using the format command through the Windows2000 command prompt:

format D: /FS:FAT /A:1024

This, and other solutions are detailed on the Xilinx support website. See answer record 14456.

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