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I have a 402 Virtex 4 board from Xilinx. I don't have one of the special cables required to load it so I am trying to use the System Ace method and adding my configuration as MyAce. I'll withhold my comments on why they require a special cable but don't supply it with the board.

I seem to be able to generate a MyAce.ace file ok, but it is 1,674 KB long and I get an error when I select it. I notice that all the other working .ace files are 1,686 KB long, so I assume I am doing something wrong. Any idea what or any recommendations? I wanted to order a cable kit but they were out of stock. Any other sources?

Thanks in advance,

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Marc Reinig
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Hi Marc,

the SystemACE CF is not so bad, when it works, but trouble is easy to come :(

formatting link

the different file size may be ok, as the .ACE contains the .BIT and possible .ELF files so the .BIT are some SVF are merged to create the mysterios secret .ACE file format. check that the FPGA startup clock is JTAG and that the JTAG chain configuratian is ok. hmm.. with some V4 boards I think there are special workarounds to "fix" the ACE files check the stuff that did come with the board if there are some batch files or special instructions. On our V4 board (V4LX25 from Memec) the SystemACE did never works and the board designer suggested that we return the board. I think the problem was related to V4LX25 ES JTAG errata. but all ML40x boards work from systemACE so thats not your issue.

as of supplying the board without cable thats actually perfectly fine: we have here at least 6 cables (3 different types) that coud be used with ML40x boards, so shipping the board without cable is ok. if xilinx is out of stock with Cable IV then

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the reconfigurable dongle can be programmed to be Cable III and it includes the 14 pin header and cable so you can use it with ML402 just ask that you need the xilinx adapter and cable when ordering I am sure amontec can ship immediatly

antti PS the trouble with cables and systemACE (or similar solutions) is why

formatting link
includes special processor that can configure from normal filesystem using standard xilinx .BIT files, just copy the .Bit to the mini SD card and insert the card. No cables. No conversion to some mysterious format. Verbose error reporting in case of configuration failures. Fail safe remote updates (by restoring last known configuration if new update doesnt work).

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Antti Lukats

I generated my_system_ace.ace file using iMPACT for my design .bi

file and I copied to the CF to configure the virtex4 FPGA on ML40 board. Bur I am getting error(Err led lights with red) when selected my_system_ace.ace from the CF

any help pleas



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