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Hi I was wondering if I could get some help with a project I'm trying to get started,

I'm trying to embed some C code in the PPC core of the Virtex II pro board, while I can get small application deployed i.e. all data and instructions reside in BRAM. The other code that I'm tying to embed is much larger and will not all reside here so I have added extra SDRAM the application builds correctly and downloads to the board however when I do so I get no output off the UART which is set as STDIN/STDOUT.

Is there anyway to configure the memory of the board so that I will get some output so I can verify that it's working?

I have tried using a different terminal program to read from the serial port and still no joy.The Baud rate and flow control all work for the smaller apps.

If anybody could point me in the direction of a working example I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm using XPS 7.1 along with ISE 7.1

Thanks Shane Lynch

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Hi Shane,

I assume this is on a custom board, correct?

You will need to use the debugger to download the code to the SDRAM and then single-step through your code to see what is happening. Pay attention to the address where your code is downloaded to.

Make sure that your linker script is properly set up to run code out of SDRAM instead from another location.

In general it's always good to start with a design from BSB (Base System Builder) and adapt this to your custom board. BSB will also give you a choice where to run the code from.

- Peter

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