Simulating a ppc working with external memory

Hi all, I would like to create a simulation for a v4fx design containing a ppc. My instrutions memory is located on external sram. I would like to know if such a design can be behavioraly/structurly simulated. If you have done this before I would realy like to know if it is possible and if so how ? e.g. how do you recommend to initialize the external sram ?

p.s. my simulator is NCsim

Thanks in advance, Mordehay.

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Sorry in advance...I can't answer your question. I have one of my own.

Have you been able to simulate without using the external RAM? I have a microblaze project that I have been able to get working in NC-Sim. Unfortunately, the simulation has to run a LONG time before the system is even initialized. NC-Sim starts getting bogged down and apparently the memory resources used are huge! I then cannot simulate what I am interested in. Do you have any advice?

For your problem, I would think that you may have to use internal RAM resources that have simulation information instead of an exteranal device. You probably can do it with the external RAM, but I bet it is difficult. If you are trying to do timing sim, I guess the internal RAM would not give you the most realistic sim. However, if you are just trying to sim HW/SW interaction, it should be OK.

I have not found much info on simulating a whole ppc/MB system. There is instruction on how to set it up, but once that is done, the info trickles off. My level of knowledge on NC-Sim is limited!

Good luck!!

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