Passing user-defined types through the port (global variables??)

I have had to define a data type to deal with logarithmic values. It's basically a real number ranging from -10000 to 10000. However, I would like to use this user-defined data type in the entity of the device, i.e. given the user-defined type is called llrValue, the architecture port would be

ENTITY sova_decoder IS PORT ( Approiri : IN llrValue )

Where do I define the data type such that it would be recognised once it appears in the entity? Or is there some other way to do this?


- Kwaj
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You need to use a package, e.g.

package types is

subtype llrvalue is real range -10000.0 to 10000.0;


Then if you compile it into the same library you are using for your entity, it will appear in the current working library, so you can say

use WORK.types.all; entity sova_decoder is ...



Alan Fitch
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Alan Fitch

Define the type in a package, then "use" the package before the entity declaration.

lib mylib; use mylib.mypkg.all;

entity sova_decoder is port ( Approiri : IN llrValue

Regards, Allan.

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