's I2C: Clock Stretching Support

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I'm currently working with the I2C core supplied by I
have successfully got the design to work in an FPGA.

However, all of the slave device I used may not have the clock
stretching feature implemented. As a result, I am not sure if this I2C
core uses the included clock stretching feature correctly. I tried
looking at the code, but could not find any code that implies clock
stretching logic. The documentation for this core also lacks
information regarding the clock stretching. Has anyone used this core
with a slave that  performed clock stretching?

If you're familiar with this core, my control logic for this core
simply sends the instructions that's required for read/write and waits
for interrupts, ack/nack, and TIP logic to assert/deassert. Do I need
to add logic to detect clock stretching?


Re:'s I2C: Clock Stretching Support
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I am not familiar with the I2C core you are using, but in order to
stretch the clock, it will have to pull the clock line low.  You should
be able to start at the IO signal for the clock, find the output side
and trace it back to the controlling logic.  If you don't see a signal
that drives the clock signal as an output, then they have not
implemented clock stretching.

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