opb_timer interrupt self test problem

Hello there!

I ported the WebServer example from MicroBlaze Development Kit, Spartan -3E 1600E Edition to spartan 3e starter kit (revD), it seems to work until I want to open a webpage on the embedded webserver...

I made a new project with the required peripherals, and I added the
input buffer and LCD core to the projects, from the .mhs and .mss
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As I can see you have three interrupt sources but PARAMETER C_NUM_INTR_INPUTS = 2 Better delete this line, it will be "Auto Computed". Then your memory runs at 66MHz (and might pass the tests) but according to the datasheet you need at least 75MHz to run it properly. My advice is to try building the system for 50MHz. You'll get the dcm's configured to run the mem at 100MHz. Then use the ref design to tune it for 66/133 BR

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Thank you for your help!

I'll regenerate the design with these options...

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