Nios II really available ?

Has anybody actually received updates to their Quartus and Nios toolkits to support Nios II ?


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geoffrey brown
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Hi Geoffrey,

The Nios II development kits for Cyclone and Stratix begin shipping next week (week of June 14). Updates to Nios subscribers ship the following week. If you have an urgent need to get the update sooner, please email me.

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Bob Garrett Altera Product Marketing Manager, Nios

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Bob Garrett

Any news on when a Stratix-II Dev kit will be available?


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Tommy Thorn

We have highlighted that Stratix II devices will ship to customers in July. Stratix II checkout and characterization is proceeding ahead of schedule. Stratix II Development Kits are on track to ship later in Q3. Dave Greenfield Altera Product Marketing

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Dave Greenfield

There is no difference in Stratix and Stratix II anyway. So what does it matter? If there is a difference, other than Altera finally doing a full copy of the Virtex II structure, I'd be happy to hear about it.

There is no new innovation in Stratix II. It's just a shrink of Stratix. A bit faster and denser. That's it. Stratix II is same as Stratix.

Hey, what happened to the vaunted Terminator technology? It got stripped out of Stratix. I see it is supposed to work in Stratix II again. Serial resistor only. I guess we will find out if it does or not after several customers find out if it meets the spec. Just like in Stratix.

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You haven't looked at any information on the Stratix II, have you? They use a completely different type of basic logic element (6 input LUTs with 2 outputs, rather than the standard 4 input, 1 output LUT). Ultimately, the result is faster and denser, but it is hardly "just" a shrink of the Stratix. And of course, there is the usual progress you'd expect for a new generation of chips - more memory, faster I/O, etc., which is useful but not as "innovative" as the new logic structure.

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David Brown

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