Altera's fast NIOS update service (o;

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So for how long is NIOS2 5.0 out?

Just received today my NIOS2 1.1 upgrade...
Unbelievable fast they are (o;


Re: Altera's fast NIOS update service (o;
CD-ROM's are so 90's

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Re: Altera's fast NIOS update service (o;
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Nios II 5.0 has been out for a few weeks now and I have seen shipping
packages that include Quartus II 5.0 & Nios II 5.0.

The fact that you just got v1.1 indicates something is seriously wrong.
This may be a moot point, but is your Nios subscription still valid? If
so, I suggest three things:

(1) Download the Nios II 5.0 evaluation tools from --
The evaluation edition does not include the Micrium RTOS but everything
else is there.

(2) Contact Altera Customer Service (non-technical-support) which
handles these issues at (800) 767-3753 and explain the situation.

(3) If that doesn't work or you cannot call them (I cannot find an
email address for them immediately), please send me an email with your
contact name/address/company and I will contact customer service for

Jesse Kempa
jkempa -at- altera -dot- com

Re: Altera's fast NIOS update service (o;
For my latest Nios II DevKit I have received 2 additional Nios II 1.1
Upgrades although the kit already came with this version. I haven't received
any copy of  the 5.0 version so far. The most annyoing thing is that they
guarantee the updates for 1 year but never send any. I had another devkit
with the old Nios and never got the Nios II software or at least an
evaluation version of it. If they want us to download the new versions then
they should simply say so on their web site. From the information on the web
site I always get the impression that it's just an evaluation version and
not the real thing although with previous versions there was no difference
in the end.

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