ML310 + Linux (elf file ) + bit file

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     Has anyone been able to download their own bitfile (other than
..ml310_pci_bootloop.bit) and run linux (by downloading the elf file )
using xmd...

     What I did in generating my bit file is opened up EDK and then
added up my own core (an OPB core indeed ) changed the settings in
Software Platform to include linux_mvl31 for ppc405_0 and set the
parameters in Library / OS parameters ..Then I generated the
libraries...Then I obtained the download.bit file (which includes a
bootloop indeed )..I downloaded the bit file using iMPACT on to the ML
310 and then downloaded the linux kernel Image elf file using XMD ..but
I dont find any change on the serial port terminal.....

    So If anyone had success in doing this stuff then please help me
out guys.....

Thanks in advance........
Parag Beeraka

Re: ML310 + Linux (elf file ) + bit file

I think that you took a giant leap in your learning process and
it didn't quite work right.  Trying to debug the problem from
this point would be a very lengthy process.  I would suggest that
you start out with the shipped design files first and go through
the "Creating a Linux BSP and System Image" tutorial first.

After you have this flow understood and working, then go ahead
and build your new system.

Ed wrote:
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Re: ML310 + Linux (elf file ) + bit file
      I got the thing working ..I added my own core to the Xilinx
example , set the address ranges and it worked fine ...Many many thanks
for the reply..

Parag Beeraka

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