MicroBlaze simulator, software ownership rights for SALE


I am making a time limited offer for full ownership rights sale for

"XSIM Xilinx Platform Simulator"

The simulator was developed in 2006, it was the first MicroBlaze software simulator able to run u-Boot and ucLinux.

If I receive any serious offer, the complete source code and ownership rights will be sold as package. The binaries can be recompiled with new copyright and ownerhsip notes and graphics. The simulator and currently existing plugins are written with Delphi (Borland CodeGear). Plugins can be written in C too, and with CodeGear parts of simulator could also be in C/C++.

The simulator has been used to troubleshoot and test u-Boot and uClinux drivers and standalone software.

There are some set of plugins available for

  • TFT LCD controller
  • Nokia 6610 Display
  • CompactFlash (can mount raw image)
  • SD Card (can mount raw image)
  • I2C Real-time clock
  • Some other

Please contact me per email with offer and/or questions.

If I do not receive any offers at all, I will most likely offer the simulator myself as shareware.

Antti Lukats

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Be sure to send an email to Xilinx Marketing. They should be interested in this as well.

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Dwayne Dilbeck

nice to see ONE comment and optimism!

I have tried to earn money developing development tools for product from big companies. And I have succeeded to get product live time earnings of around

20.000 USD from the sale of SW development tools for Atmel AVR, but that was it. And I had ZERO support or interest from Atmel. Maybe I talked to wrong guys. Well actually I made bad exclusive resell right agreement.

So I do not have much hopes. But it would be nice to be wrong this time.


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Large companies do not manage outside tools that well, but there is growing scope for companies to offer better web examples, and especially an eco-system for open source and reference designs.

They need to allocate the spend to a budget is the problem, and this falls between marketing and tools, so neither group wants to know.


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Jim Granville

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