Microblaze: how to determine remainder after integer division

Hello all,

Fairly new user to Xilinx microblaze here (and first post to this user group). I'm trying to write C-code (within Xilinx Platform Studio) to determine the remainder after an integer division. So if I say

num = 13/10; rem = 13%10;

then num = 1 and rem = 3.

I'm getting an error stating "invalid operands to binary %" when I try to build.

What I surmise is that % is trying to convert to a binary format rather than obtaining the desired remainder result. I would also assume that I need to include the correct header file in order to perform the remainder operation.

However, I'm having trouble determining what math functions are available w/in microblaze and the associated symbols needed to perform desired functions (i.e., how to determine an integer remainder).

When I'm configuring microblaze in fpga hardware, should I use floating point? I can't find any math include file under /microblaze_0/include.

Thanks for the help in figuring this out. I'm sure there's an easy answer...

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You might want to check if your code compiles fine on an Intel machine. '%' as an operation only makes sense for integers.

If num & rem are int's, then you don't need any headers.

That depends on whether you need the hardware FPU or not. The GNU includes are typically in $XILINX_EDK/gnu


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Siva Velusamy

Thanks, I figured it out. My c-programming is rusty...I had a different error, that once fixed solved the problem.

Siva Velusamy wrote:

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