How to determine supply voltage?

I have an inverter board with a hard wired 50mm x 3mm CCFL. Picture is at:

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133k, 640x480) and larger version at
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and schematic I drew based on it:

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(transformer coil diagram unknown but it's drawn by the pin number)

Transformer has no marking other than high voltage. I am not able to figure out the wiring diagram of the transformer without de-soldering and removing it. 2 transistors are D1616, resistors are aprox 1/16w SMD. Inductor has no marking either but it appears to have iron core. Capacitor on the primary side has marking 1J100, and one on secondary side has marking 22 and 3KV

Any idea what is the supply voltage? I think the typical inverter voltage of 12v is too much as the board looks like it may be from a small flash light type device.


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actually, I have cold cathode tubes that I use to light up my computer case. The inverters are similiar in size and functionality as to what you have in the picture. 12 v is my power supply voltage and it ramps it up to several thousand. You might try applying 1 volt to the 'input' side and measuring the output with a voltage meter set to AC

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