Looking for DIMM format FPGA board

I'm looking for a DIMM format FPGA board like Pilchard or the AcB from (now defunct?) Nuron. I've done several web searches, but found nothing that both fits the bill, and is from a company that is apparently alive. I've found a couple of things that are close to what i want (from mite.cz, and sunrise-systems.de), but they don't return emails, so i figure they're dead, too.

Has anyone heard of something like this, or do i need to design/build it myself?

Thanks in advance, Eric

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I can't see how one can patent the idea of putting an FPGA on a DIMM. I put a CPLD on a SIMM ages ago.


Leon Heller, G1HSM
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Leon Heller

I think your reading it right, I would have thought it was widely used as well.

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