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I will repost the message I recovered posted in 1998 and modify it a little.

I've got a fairly old Lattice GAL programer Called "Logic Lab", it was made by Programable Logic Tech.

I have a few problems with it

It seems to be very fussy about the exact type of Lattice 16V8 and

20V10 GALs it accepts, rejecting most varients with an "incorrect device" message.

I suspect this is because the software (ll.exe) is too old to know what these varients are. I have also the second version ll2.exe but when I start it up on a 486DX it is always returning the message "programmer is not responding". On a windows based system it won't even start up " the program is trying to communicate with com1 ..."

I've had a look for info on Programable Logic Tech on the internet but they seem to have disappeared, certainly the Lattice web sight doesn't list them as programmer suppliers anymore, they are listed in the old Lattice data books.

I think it's a bit of shame to throw the programmer away. I need it ! Has anyone advice / experience with it ?

A GAL type A,B works pretty well with ll.exe but I doubt if it is even possible to obtain these pretty old devices.

Many thanks,

Eng. Geert DB

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