ISE 7.1i & Linux / reg code question


I've read through the archives for notes and hints on installing ISE 7.1i for Linux.

I got curl, portmap, motif, etc all installed. The installer now comes up.

However, when I enter in the Registration ID, it keeps telling me that it's invalid.

Does ISE 7.1i use the same install code for Windows as it does for Linux? A Xilinx rep told me they are the same.

Any help would be appreciated. This is very frustrating!


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At least my Linux version did. But I never tried the Windows version before. Are you talking about the product key you get by mail after registering your product at Xilinx's website? It's not the code on the box you have to enter in the installer, it's the one you'll get online.


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Adrian Knoth

Yes, they are the same.

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Duane Clark

FWIW, I had to use different registration code for windows and linux.




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Jim Wu


Adrian, Duane, Jim:

Thanks for the info. So far the unofficial word is 2:1, Windows code Reg ID will work on Linux.

To Xilinx guys here: Any official response?

The Registration ID that I was given by the Xilinx FAE DOES work on Windows, but continues to fail with Linux. The FAE says the Windows codes should work on Linux but has no official experience with the Linux version.

Any other things people suggest I look at? I'm using Kubuntu Linux (Ubuntu) with a custom kernel with SMP.

Thank you all. Ram.

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The Xilinx installer is very distribution sensitive although the tools aren't. I keep Whitebox Linux 3 (RHEL3) on one of my older machines and do by Xilinx installs there, once the install is done I rsync the Xilinx directory to by other machines.

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B. Joshua Rosen


What's more than likely going on is that you were given either:

  1. An evaluation Registration ID
  2. A Foundation Simulator Registration ID

Since both of these configurations are not currently supported on Linux, then the Registration ID you were given would not work for Linux, only Windows. However, if you were given a Foundation Registration ID, it would work across all supported platforms.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards, Kamal Patel Xilinx Apps

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Yes, seems like it!

Which directories do you end up having to rsync? Just one installation directory?

I might go this route if I have to.

Thanks, Ram.

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I think I can shed light on why the ISE 7.1 installer might not accept a valid install code under Linux. With 7.1, the ISIM simulator is not available under Linux. If you try to install using a code for ISE + ISIM under linux, then the installer will reject it. Use a straight Foundation install code without ISIM, and it should work just fine.

I can also testify that it can be easier to install ISE on an older distribution (like RHEL3 or FC1) and then copy it to a newer distribution.


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John McCluskey

Will the Foundation ISE Simulator be available on Linux in a future release (perhaps 7.2i)?

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Eric Smith

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