is Ultracontroller-2 supposed to work under XPS/ISE 9.1?

Has anyone had success making ultracontroller-2 work under XPS 9.1? When I tried opening uc2_1ppc_v4_vhdl/uc2.xmp project file under 9.1 XPS it says "we recommend that you exit XPS now. As a project managed by project navigator, any further use of XPS could cause corruption". If I go ahead and open it, and try to build it using the supplied linker script, it has fatal errors with sections overlapping, etc.

Is a project like uc-2 even possible under XPS? It seems like XPS requires you to select an OS and the libraries that come with it. Even selecting "standalone" results in library code with crt0.s, boot0.s, etc. The uc-2 examples all have their own custom versions of these files and I can't figure out how to use them without conflicts in XPS 9.1.

Ultimately what I am trying to do is create a bootloader that would get initialized using the extended bitstream cache loading method like that described in xapp719. This bootloader would then read some flash to get the real program into ddr space.

thanks, Jeff

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