i need fpga board with 10 Gig interface and pcie interface

hi all, for my application i need a fpga board which has PCI express interface and 10 Gig ethernet or fibre channel interface. plz tell me if there is any board. one more thing startix II GX PCI Express development board of Altera has10 Gig interface or not if not which daughter card can be used to make it for 10 Gig.

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If it's the development board I'm thinking of, it doesn't do 10Gb/s. The onboard StratixIIGX SERDES only works to about 6Gb/s. You could do 4G Fibrechannel or 1G Ethernet using the SFP sockets supplied.

It's not too hard to roll your own 10Gb/s board though, but you'll need to use external SERDES parts if you want it to work. See AMCC, Vitesse, etc. A couple of years ago I would have said that XFP was the only 10Gb/s serial interface to use; now I would consider SFP+, as SFP+ will probably be much cheaper than XFP over the lifetime of products currently being designed.

Regards, Allan

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Allan Herriman

Hi Allan, Thanks for your post. Have you used SFP+ yourself yet? I'd be interested to hear your opinions and experiences. Thanks, Symon.

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No, I haven't used it yet, but I would consider it for future 10Gb/s products.

I think we're just at the cusp. SFP+ Ethernet switches are available from some of the smaller switch manufacturers. I predict within a year or two, HP, Cisco, etc. will have matching products. Then the prices for the more common optics (e.g. 10km 1310nm) will drop.

Some of our customers want 1550nm optics with 80km reach. That's possible (but expensive) in XFP, but I don't think it's available at all in SFP+ yet.

Disclaimer: this is all conjecture on my part.

Regards, Allan

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Allan Herriman

I expect that the poster may mean using four 3.125 GHz SerDes to implement

10 GigE (10GBASE-CX4 or -KX4), which is much more common these days.

What he fails to mention is the form factor desired - we have a Stratix II GX AMC module which can do 4x PCI Express and 10 GigE (4 x 3.125), as there are 8 SerDes lanes from the Stratix II GX to the AMC connector, as well as another 4 out the front panel.


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