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Hi everyone,

I'm cross-posting here from the SystemC Accellera Forum since I believe I'm likely going to receive more feedback here than there.

I've recently started to wonder what kind of project I can start with to get my hands on SystemC and TLM. I know there are tons of tutorials, getting started like materials, open libraries, open platforms and I believe I can get my head around most of that stuff, but one thing I'd like to get advice on is how complex should be my first project to make my learning process more effective.

I've started proposing modelling with SystemC in my group because we often lack of a tool to explore the bottle neck of our architectures and realize about it too late down in the development phase. I've got granted a 30% of my time for the next 6 months to learn SystemC and TLM and come up with a reasonably shaped showcase.

One of our core challenges is mass storage (for space applications), therefore I thought about modelling a possible architecture involving NAND Flash storage handled through some processor and high speed data link.

Most of the elements of this fictitious architecture are somehow available on the net and I would have started plugging things together for a start.

Does this sound too naive, or is this application too complex to be achievable in such a short time?

One critical element in this task would be to make the management understand how much they should invest in 'training/learning' before getting some benefit out of it.

Any pointer/suggestion/comment is highly appreciated,


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Hi again,

alb wrote: []


well, I was overly optimistic I guess...I've started to believe that the SystemC community is less prone to discuss such topics online.

Mind you, this is not a complain towards the community, rather an hypothesis on the type and shape of the community itself. Traffic on the Accellera seems pretty low compared to other languages forums/groups but maybe it's just a not so well educated guess.

Some time ago I've explored the possibility to launch an RFD for opening a comp.lang.systemc newsgroup, but considering the amount of traffic on the subject I'm not sure it's going to be very much useful. OTOH I'd be happy to reassess my position if somebody prooves me wrong and I'd be willing to embark the journey to submit the proposal to the Big8 board.


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