Handel-C, multiple clock domains, and PAL library


Currently, I'm doing some experiments with multiple clock domains and Handel-C (by Celoxica). However, as far as I know, it is not possible to call PAL library in different clock domains. I do communicate different clock domains using channels. I just wonder if I use interfaces to communicate clock domains I may overcome these problems. Is it? Or is there any other solution to deal with it? Have you ever tried to call PSL library in different clock domains? Thank you for any suggestions.

Best regards, Salam mesra, Serdecznie pozdrawiam, Nanyang Technological University, IntelliSys, PhD Student, Pawel Piotr Czapski pczapski (at) pmail . ntu . edu . sg, +65 93974059

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Pawel Piotr Czapski, SP5EPD
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