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I am quite new in FPGA, and want to ask something. I hope some of you can give me a hint of how to do.

I have finished developed an application using the Celoxica RC100 Development Board, and Handel-C. Currently I am looking for a way on how to do the prototyping on other boards.

I made all the application using the PAL (Platform Abstraction Layer), and I also use the Flash memory of the RC100 board. I am afraid that the Virtex II Prototype Platform AFX-FF1152-200/XC2V4000 Board that I am going to use, doesn't have any flash memory with it.

I used flash memory to store the configuration bits, because I divided the application into several parts. And do FPGA Configuration in the later part.

So, is there any expert out there who can suggest me on how to do it?

Thanks, Johan.

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