FPGA minimum operating frequencies

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I was wondering if there were any *lower* limits on the clock
frequency that can be used to clock FPGAs (in particular the Xilinx
Virtex II : XC2V3000). I know there are certain kinds of high speed
logic families using precharge-discharge operation, where the leakage
sets a lower limit on operating speed. Is there such a limit for these
FPGAs, and if so, what is it (ballpark figures are fine).



Re: FPGA minimum operating frequencies

Good answers, and they are correct.

All static, no precharge tricks.

You can go to 1 milli-hertz if you like.


Nitin Chandrachoodan wrote:

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Re: FPGA minimum operating frequencies
Hello,  <BR>
In which reports of time can I see the maximum frequency or haw can I to
calculate it?. I am working with ISE 5.1i and for the synthesis I use xst.
<p>Thanks,  <BR>

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