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We plan to use 16 MB on board flash for both uboot, linux kernel, file
system, our application, ...
I would like to learn what could be the minimum size of the uboot,
linux kernel, file system for powerpc MPC8260 platform?


Fatih Ozcan

Re: Minimum Linux
On 12 Sep 2004 01:37:37 -0700

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I'm not sure about ppc but on arm I was able to get whole system including
XWindow in about 12MB.

Re: Minimum Linux

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XWindow in about 12MB.

U-Boot - depending on features - 128...256 kB.
Linux - assuming a 2.4.x kernel - 550...700 kB.
U-Boot and Linux always fit within less than 1 MB flah (except you go for 2.6).

Root filesystem based on busybox (like our SELF): approx 1.5MB.

Here are some real numbers for a MPC8260 system:

-> ls -lh /tftpboot/TQM8260/
-rw-r--r--    1 wd       users        127K Jul 10  2003
-rw-r--r--    1 wd       users        580K Dec 16  2002 /tftpboot/TQM8260/uImage
-rw-r--r--    5 wd       users        1.3M Dec  6  2002

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Re: Minimum Linux
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I managed to get a whole system on a 4MB flash (without X though).
It runs with 16MB RAM (8MB ramdisk and 8MB memory) for a network
It has a tiny web-server, ftp and telnet facilities.

This only describes how small Linux can be, but it all depends on your
application and what it needs.


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