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Hi - I am a newbie ModelSim 5.6 SE user and am trying to troubleshoot
this error -
# -- Loading package standard
# ** Error: (vcom-19) Failed to access library 'unisim' at "unisim".
# No such file or directory.
# ERROR: ../simulation/system_init.vhd(5): Library unisim not found.
# ERROR: ../simulation/system_init.vhd(7): VHDL Compiler exiting
# ERROR: C:/Modeltech_5.6/win32/vcom failed.
# Error in macro ./ line 3

# My file is :

vsim -c system_conf

Any help/pointers are highly appreciated.


ModelSim 5.6 SE
ISE 5.2i
XPD 5.2i running EDK 3.2

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