Different Finite Field Multipliers!!!


I would like to the different Finite Field Multipliers used for doing Finite Field Multiplication? Also specifically ones that do in Polynomial Basis??

and for FPGA Implementation too!!!!

any help regards to references to these design of multipliers and if possible a reference to the comparison of different multipliers would greatly appreciated.

Thanx. OP.

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I don't know if I understand the question exactly but finite field multiplier implementations are shown in Lin & Costello and also Sweeney's book, which is more introductory.


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Kevin Neilson

This is a similar tone of question to the one you posted on the

25th February...

Hi, Feeling really intelligent today.. I would like to know some basic stuff.. What is the difference between a hardware implementation of an algorithm and a software one. How do you say an algorithm is faster in one and slower in other.. if it's based on timing how do you do that?? What makes it faster in one and not in other?? all the help is appreciated.

....do you have another assignment due?


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Nial Stewart

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