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I am trying to debug a simple application which is running on a powerpc. I can set breakpoints (in gdb) and run until the breakpoint is reached. But after coming at the breakpoint, I can not step throug the code. If I choose "Next" in gdb, the program will not continue, but stands still at the current breakpoint. If I remove the breakpoint and place it somewhere else, I can choose continue and run the program till the next breakpoint. I have found out that disabling the interrupts helps a lot. If the interrupts are disabled I can step through my code.

My question is: should it also be possible to step through the code with interrupts enabled and if so, what could be the problem in my case that it is not working?

The interrupts I have are an uart interrupt, an user defined interrupt and the timer interval interrupt.

TIA, Frank

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Frank van Eijkelenburg
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