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I'm a newbie to embedded linux and facing difficulty in porting linux onto the ElanSC520 embedded target. My system is getting crashed while booting the kernel. Its getting hanged when "init" thread is created from the swapper process by calling Kernel_Thread(). Can any one please tell me how can I check what the error may be. I want to do a source level debugging on the target to find out the error. Are there any tools to do so.. I've downloaded the gdb6.0 but don't know how to use it for the target processor... Anybody pls help me to configure the gdb for the Elan SC520 demo target board. Your earliest reply could help me a lot.

with Regards, Kishore.S.Kumar

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You might want to take a look at ELinOs. I once succeeded in using it with an ELAN 410 based sub-mini board. I think they do support the 520 as well.


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Michael Schnell

What processor architecture did you select for your kernel?

Alex Pavloff - remove BLAH to email
Software Engineer, ESA Technology
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Alex Pavloff

I selected i386 processor architecture for the kernel.

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