J1939 protocol source code

Looking for source code or drivers for talking to CAN J1939 devices / network. Operating systems include Winxx and Linux.

TIA Rob.

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Rob, I would differentiate between CAN and looking for a higher level independent CAN driver for the OS of your choice and a device and hardware independent higher layer J1939 part of the software. This way you should normally be able to use the higher layer J1939 protocol software on both Windows and Linux without any changes or may be adaptions to the layer-2 device driver. If you are looking for pure CAN device drivers, first ask the CAN interface board manufacturing companies. Each one should provide drivers. And they do, each one there own API. For Linux consider using can4linux. The can4linux API is the most often used and supported by many boards. can4linux is even available for uClinux on ColdFire boards or for sja1000, i82527 and TwinCAN controllers.

Regards Heinz

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   Heinz-Jürgen Oertel
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